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Characteristics of the discipline

The purpose of studying the discipline is to obtain practical skills in designing products in accordance with the latest fashion trends and laws of costume composition and combining them into sets.

Tasks of studying the discipline:

Elements, properties, and composition tools. Compositional shaping. Silhouette and lines in the suit. Form memberships. Proportional patterns in clothing. Rhythm. Symmetry and asymmetry in the costume. Techniques for harmonizing the composition. Color in the costume composition. Visual illusion. Cloths. Decorative finishing of clothing. Basic principles of forming sets that combine individual products into sets for functional, consumer and aesthetic properties

Results of training in the discipline:

focuses on the trends of modern fashion, the basic principles of the formation of sets. - detects the proportions of the set as a whole and of each product separately based on the specified model sketch. - develops sketches of the "kit" series. - graphically depicts a costume, combining individual items into sets of clothing. - understands the issues of shaping and decoration of clothing, in matters of justification, explanation and protection of new ideas, their own projects

course author

Kamilya Abilkalamova

Position Senior lecturer Scientific (academic) degree, degree Ph.D Academic title Email address kamilya.abilkalamova@mail.ru Location of the Department (building, office) Almaty, Tole bi street, 100 907 classroom Phone number of the Department 293-52-88 (193)

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